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Seller's Corner
In order for the homeowners in your database to list with you, they need to remember you. Sellers Corner will keep you top of mind and prove you know the market. If it is easier for your client to call the listing agent down the street or go online to get inaccurate local home values, then don’t expect them to call you when they want to sell.
Seller's Corner
When you are the person that makes them wonder what their home is worth, then you are the one they will ask. People are creatures of convenience, Seller’s Corner will put your contact information and value in the most convenient place they have; their mind.
Client Relationship Manager
Your AccelerAgent website is a complete system built to generate repeat business. Turn leads into buyers, buyers into homeowners, and homeowners into sellers with our proven marketing system. Improve relationships with each client so they list their home with you and refer their family and friends.
Client Relationship Manager
Your sellers will be securely stored inside your Client Relationship Manager in their own folder. You can make whatever notes you need to keep you organized. From their home address to their move in date, you will have everything you need to have informed conversations with each potential seller.
Neighborhood Alerts
Each seller will receive branded alerts when anything goes on the market and sells in their neighborhood. From their inbox, they are always directed back to your website to see your contact information, your slogan and your value.
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