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Hey there,

How’ve you been? Tim here, again, with a quick Script Of The Day.

Similar to recent ones, this email marketing greeting is only really relevant for agents actively working with sellers.

If you’re one of the many agents struggling with what some dub as “thinventory” – Seller’s Corner is THE listing-generator you should turn to this summer, and beyond. Agents we work with have sparked results within minutes of using it.

That said – with us, you can virtually guarantee listings are on their way.
Let’s make the following seller greeting a regular thing for you to be sending out…

Dear _______,

As we approach the finish line, there is so much to celebrate.
First of all, congratulations on securing a buyer for your home.

How is packing going? Have you researched any movers to help you transition into your new home? If you need help, I can recommend a couple of reputable companies to ensure a safe and secure transition for you and your family.*

Remember that I have access to all of the real estate resources that folks need.
I’m just a phone call away. I am very excited and looking forward to helping you finalize everything.


* This is where Homebrella comes in handy.


Let me know if you have any personal
email marketing content requests.

I’m here to write for you, around the clock.

Take care and stay in touch,


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