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Why get your own real estate CRM?

Well that’s simple, it keeps the relationships going after the sale, so they come back to you, and only you.

Better relationships lead to increased referrals and more repeat business.

So why should you use it?


  1. You can organize a lot of info in one easy-to-use hub.

You most likely have more than one lead generation stream. There is your sphere of influence (SOI), your website, social media platforms, direct mail campaigns, farming,  and online advertising sites. Multiple databases will just waste your time and confuse your clients. Continuity is king!

A good CRM should gather valuable information from all your lead generation sources in one place. Contacts are efficiently collected, organized, and tracked so you can access everything you need from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.


  1. You can immediately respond.

Responding immediately to leads and clients is vital for successful conversion. But most importantly, knowing all of your clients search trends, interest levels, and activity on website, allows you to fully connect to their consumer status. Isn’t it nice to go into a conversation with something relevant to talk about, when you do?

Your PropertyMinder CRM gives you the response time needed to convert leads into clients and the transparency required to address their unique needs.


  1. How much is your database worth?

The answer: A lot!

Count up all of your transactions this year. How many were Internet leads? How many of them were referrals?
If your past clients are feeding you a majority of your transactions, then it makes a lot of sense to nurture your relationships with each person.

Never assume that just because you have their contact information that you will be their sole real estate option.

88% of buyers said they would use their agent again. Unfortunately, only 12% of clients actually used their previous agent.

Why such a huge difference?  Well, years go by and many agents send out the same email content over and over again, almost guaranteeing a low open rate.

Or you can do what agents do: Stay in touch with your past clients so they REMEMBER YOU. Personal, Timely, and Valuable emails worth opening makes our clients worth remembering.


  1. Personalize as much as you possibly can.

You don’t have to be salesy, nor should you. Write a  simple, to-the-point message to let your past clients know that you remember them, appreciate their business, and value the relationship.

You should input into your CRM all possible info about a person. What neighborhoods they like, types of homes they love, price range, number of bedrooms they prefer, school preferences. Every detail will allow you to impress your prospects, because they will remember your caring, personalized emails and conversations.  These are the types of strategic things to do to convert prospects into clients and create loyalty to your services.


  1. Automate your tasks (and combine it with your face-to-face interactions).

Ahhhh, personal touch with the ease of automation.  CRMs keep track of dates and execute based on what you tell them to do.

Choose one of the emails we have already written for you (even the subject lines), specify the group(s) of recipients, and blast out hundreds of personal emails at the push of a button. You can do it bi-monthly, quarterly, every 3-6 months. The CRM just needs to be told what to do, so you can go shake hands and do your relationship-building in the field.


  1. The CRM will tell you where you are doing well and where you need to improve.

Keep track of what is working. And if it is not, simply adjust the sails, and try something new. A CRM will show you email open rates, click-through rates on links, which listings clients are looking, and other helpful data, to help you connect with them individually.

Laser in on the things that work. Throw away the things that don’t. Experiment with different mailings, subject lines, and calls to action. If you can’t assign metrics, it is hard to see where you can improve. Don’t play the guessing game. Have fun and be creative- this is a people business. 
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