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The WEBSITE MASTERY WEBINAR, hosted by our VP of Sales & Marketing (Tawd Frensley), will help you:
 MASTER the art of keeping people on your website…
 MASTER your representation as an “ALL things real estate” agent (home selling, home buying, home improvement, home care)…
 MASTER your knowledge and use of cutting-edge real estate technology (automated home seller lead capture included)…
 MASTER the smooth delivery of critical real estate resources for ALL of your clients (your homeowners, sellersbuyers and leads).

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Select excerpts from the webinar:

“If you are interested in farming a neighborhood, if you are trying to grow your listings,
please let us know. We’ll be glad to take care of you. This is a really, really
exceptional home seller lead capture for you.”


“Interested in growing your database? Wanting to generate some new leads?
Here are easy and free ways to do just that…”


 “A seller is not defined as someone who wants to sell.
A seller is defined as someone who at some point is going to sell.
And your marketing to that individual should cater to, and capitalize on, that.
So that when they make that decision to sell, they make that decision with you.

You don’t know when they’re going to make that decision. 
And if they don’t know that your website provides the
resources they need, they’re going to go to other places.”


“Let’s give your clients a better experience when it comes to searching for homes,

while simultaneously ensuring they turn to you when they’re ready to make a decision.”

 “If you have an issue with your clients using Zillow, or Redfin, you can fix that. 
You have to begin to say: these people need to get on my site with the same MLS data. 
We purchased a server that costs $150,000 that just houses the MLS photos. 
Many companies compress the images to speed up the load time. 

Here’s what we’ve done: your clients experience the biggest, full screen photos on the market. 
It’s a proper, easy-to-navigate experience. We’ve even added Lifestyle tabs featuring 
Restaurants, Groceries, Nightlife, Cafes, Shopping, Arts & Entertainment, Banks, etc. 
People have direct access to their surroundings.”


“Let them know you are their future listing agent, by automatically keeping 

them informed about what’s happening in their environment. 

We’re trying to create a perimeter for you to keep your clients in.
If the house down the street goes on the market, they’re going to want to see it.

There’s a reason why we made these photos so big. If you can eliminate the need for somebody to say:
‘Oh I want to see the inside of that house. 
I want to compare it,’ if you can help fulfill some
of the nosiness – then you’re keeping that person away from other realtors.”