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Someone once told me that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but when it comes to communicating with past clients – that’s a different ballgame.

You worked hard to help folks become homeowners, and they loved you afterward.
But did that relationship deteriorate over the years due to lack of communication?

That’s a shame because the average person sells his or her home every 3 to 5 years.

If you keep in touch with people, you’ll be the person they turn to when they’re ready to sell (or buy again).

The best ways to do this is with an easy-to-use customer relationship management and seller outreach system. It will reestablish those connections today to turn old contacts into new leads by:

  • Organizing your entire database.
  • Sending branded emails to each client featuring your photo, contact info, and link to your website.
  • Easy email marketing to make sure you and your old leads never drift apart again.
  • Monitoring every sent email, including opens and when they view new listings in your market.

Your success heavily relies on the strength of the relationships you have with each and every person in your database.

Let’s discuss today how we can reconnect with them.


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