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Tim here again, with a quick heads up – today (Tuesday, January 24th) is National Compliment Day.
As the old saying goes: you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

Literal compliments are nice – but things that complement what your sellers and buyers need in life is even better. Agreed?

Today’s the perfect chance for you to send (via email or phone):
literal “compliments” (i.e. – “You have a beautiful home/family,” “You’re my favorite client”, etc.)
– automatic, inspirational home values for your seller leads that “complement” their interest and wondering what their home is worth (+ remind them you’re the neighborhood expert).
automatic, inspirational listing alerts (with all the juicy property details) for your buyer leads that “complement” exactly what they’re looking for in their dream home(s).
– any and all home care resources that will “complement” the home life of your homeowners (your sellers) and, effectively, keep you on their radar for when they’re ready to list.

By the way – did I mention how awesome you are? Keep it up.

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