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Mother’s Day is just a few days away.

Have you set up your Mother’s Day email campaigns yet?
(Keep reading if you need Mother’s Day email texts!)

Have you thought about calling your contacts and beginning the conversation with, “Happy Mother’s Day!” or “What are your plans for Mother’s Day?”
You can even weave in a reminder to people for them to not forget to pick up that important Mother’s day gift or bouquet of flowers.

Remember to update your social media posts, as well.
Ask questions, post something funny, or encourage people to share their favorite photos of mom or memories of mothers at home.

Try to incorporate mothers and houses somehow in your marketing.
Many of us have a mother who loved being in the kitchen, had a library full of her favorite books, or had a beautiful garden she tended to religiously. Encourage people to talk and re-connect with you.

We know Mother’s Day is an important day. It is important to email your clients, leads, and past clients to know you are thinking of them, and/or to have a script ready for a conversation.

We want you to be successful this spring, so we have a new batch of three, ready-to-go Mother’s Day emails in the CRM Message Library called, “Brand New: Mother’s Day.”  

Here is an example of one, for you, for free: 

Subject Line: When we think of home, we often think of Mom

When we think of home, we often think of our mothers. Some of our fondest memories are cooking together with Mom in our childhood home’s kitchen; giggling with Mom in the backyard; holiday gatherings in the living room with her; and story time before bed in our childhood bedrooms.

This Mother’s Day, I hope you have the chance to make your mother (or whoever was the mother in your life) feel special and appreciated.

Have a wonderful day!

Warm wishes,

We hope you get to utilize the new Mother’s Day
email texts we have written for you this week.

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