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Tim here, with another quick, empowering, listing-oriented marketing tip.

A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that once homebuyers become homeowners, they can expect to spend an extra, whopping $5,000 on home care, renovations, improvements and “surprise costs” (i.e. – issues surrounding plumbing, leaks, roofing, repairs etc.)* (Full story:

This is it. Your chance to, once again, deliver the goods, save the day, and secure a listing or more in the process.
Making this transformation of a “house into a home” isn’t easy. So why not help make it as affordable and convenient for folks as possible? It’ll do nothing but boost your chances they’ll sell their home with you, down the road. Seriously.

Homebrella is the answer: a professional network of your trusted service providers that guarantees your new and veteran homeowners have every home care resource (and quotes) that they need, at their beck and call. You will, undoubtedly, be a source of gratitude, trust, and reliability as the “all things real estate” agent.

YOU deliver the dream home…
YOU deliver the homeowner help…
THEY ultimately deliver the listings and referrals.

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