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We have written the scripts (as conversation starting points and/or complete navigations).
You have the contacts (hopefully safely stored in your personal CRM).

What we propose:
Call 1-2 homeowners (i.e. – your potential homesellers) each week.

Having in-hand conversation-starters and content to smoothly navigate through phone calls can undoubtedly lessen your anxiety and improve the quality of your relationships.

However, the trick is (obviously) to not come off as “scripted” in your tone and delivery. Be professionally casual and honest. Ad libbing is a nice touch, too! Need someone to “rehearse” with? We’re all ears.

What to have handy:

– Your Homebrella network: essentially all of the home care quotes, insight and resources (your trusted service providers’ information) that folks need to get answers, and get things done.
– Know what’s up with insight on some of what’s trendy and effective: 8 of the most popular home improvement trends amongst homeownersillustrated tips for boosting their home’s curb appealbathroom ideas that are big on storage and stylecheap landscaping ideas that’ll rake in cash later.


Agent: Hey there, ____. This is ____ from ____. How are you doing?
Can you believe how fast this year has gone by? I just wanted to touch base again and see how you (and your family) are doing!

ClientI am (we’re) okay, thanks. How are you?

AgentI’m doing great, thanks for asking. Just keeping busy and trying to stay in touch with folks.

Safeguarding homes is a big topic these days. How’s yours holding up? Are you ready for the winter season? The reason I ask is because I have a network of affordable, local service providers I can happily refer you to (including roofing, HVAC, landscaping, plumbing – you name it!).

Clienta) Yes b) No

Agent: (respond accordingly, have service provider names on hand.)
a) I’m glad I asked! What kind of projects are you needing help with? (Jot down their requests, provide the resources via your Homebrella network)

b) Ah, gotcha. Well, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – right? Well, in case something does come up –  instead of searching and scrolling through Google or Angie’s List, and calling places left and right, for answers, quotes and resources – I’m here to make things super convenient for you.

Any home care project you’d like to get underway in the future, consider me your starting point.

Client: Thank you.

Agent: By the way, speaking of your home, I’m not sure if you keep up with the market – but it’s definitely shifted to become a sellers’ market.

Client: a) Really? I had no idea. / b) Yes, I was aware.

Agent: a) & b) Yes! Several of my listings this past year sold for more than the listing price, believe it or not

Client: That’s interesting, great, etc.

Agent: Yeah, I think so too! Have you ever thought what your home is worth?
The reason I ask is ‘cause it never hurts to have a home evaluation, even if you’re not thinking of selling anytime soon. Ya know? Most folks who request these are just curious, and some find it handy in the future.

Clienta) Yes, I’d be interested. / b) No thanks, I’m good.

Agent: a) Wonderful! I can e-mail you a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis), or we can meet for coffee one day and I can bring you printed info – whichever works best for you.
b) Okay, well if you change your mind I can always forward you info

Client: a) Yes, e-mail / b) Yes, let’s meet c) No, thank you.

Agent: a) Great! I’ll send that your way and set you up on alerts about activity in your neighborhood – like I said it never hurts to know!
b) Great, is there a day and time that works best for you? / c) Do you mind if I e-mail you something just for future reference?

AgentThanks for taking the time to chat with me! As your personal agent, it’s my job to keep you up to date on all things real estate. I’m so glad I was able to connect with you today and hope we can stay in touch!