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Tim here. Just touching base with another Tip Of The Week. How’ve you been?

Truth be told – this week’s tip (see the handy email below) is only relevant to agents actually working with sellers, now or in the future.

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*Subject Line: The best offer on your home.


Buyers can be pretty picky.
Taking care of a few things before your home staging will ensure that we maximize the offer(s) on your home. Below is a quick checklist.

FYI: if you need a helping hand, I can connect you with the best home care and improvement resources you need, at any time. Just let me know.

Paint touch-ups.
Clean sidewalk and driveway.

Front and Back Yards:
Freshly mowed lawn(s).
Trimmed shrub(s) and tree(s).
Clear debris, toys and tools.
Clean pool and deck(s).

Living Area(s):
Vacuum carpets.
Dust furniture and clean drapes.
Empty fireplace and remove smoke stains.
Doors and drawers should all open and close easily.
Remove general clutter and tidy up shelves.

Kitchen and Bathroom(s):
Scrub bath and shower.
Fix any faucet drips or leaks.
Mop and wax floors.
Clean grout and caulking.
Wipe mirror(s), counters, sinks, glass and porcelain surfaces.

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Did we miss anything?
Always looking forward to your feedback. 🙂

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