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David Lamangan, North Bethesda MD
The TechMar training classes are insightful, interesting, and provide a wealth of information that the user can use. The user can implement this information to ensure their website eventually reaches page 1 on the various search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN). Best of all, the TechMar training shows the user how it can all be done for free!
Linda Charman, Santa Cruz CA
As one of PropertyMinder's original subscribers, I am appreciative of the services it provides. It makes my job much easier. I am a proponent of working smart, not hard. The website reminds me regularly of how true that is. I used to spend hours taking clients around and showing them properties. My last 4 sales (in the past couple of months) have resulted from my clients using my PropertyMinder website to pre-screen properties. The most remarkable sale I made this month was directly related to the swift communication from my website to a new client. I met the client on Sept. 24th. I did my usual orientation which concluded with setting him up on a property search in the area that interested him. On Sept 25th a listing email popped up for a property that was bank owned. This property is located in an area where the last similar home sold for $749,000. ( In fact I was the one who sold it two years ago). This new listing came up at $449,000. My client was contacted and I also got the email the moment it appeared on the MLS. I took him to see the property and we are closing escrow on Oct. 24th. This is a perfect example of the slick way PropertyMinder makes me look so professional. As in my first testimonial about Property Minder, I am sure we beat the competition because of the rapid email notification. And yes, there was competition because the price was so amazing. Thank you again for your wonderful product.
Liliane Cools, Burlingame CA
PropertyMinder was the only place to go for searches during REIL's "transition" period. PropertyMinder's search engine and tools operate better than REInfolink - better search categories, faster, and more accurate updates! I am very grateful that I have PropertyMinder. Colleagues even asked me to do searches for them during REIL's worst week ever.
Christina Ng, Burlingame CA
My clients are delighted to receive information periodically on new searches or market updates. It's a good way to keep in touch with my clients because it's basically effortless.