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Stacey Stracke, Stuart, NE
Great customer service! I've been using Property Minder for about 6 months now and have been very pleased. I've gotten a lot compliments on my site. But one person I would like to mention is Antonio. He is then reason for my 5 Star Rating. He has helped me every step of the way and I am very fortunate to have him handle my site. Every time I had a question he was right there. He has went above and beyond to help me create a better and professional website! Tony's expertise, knowledge and high level of customer service had made my experience with Prooerty Minder very satisfactory!
Melinda Lee, San Francisco, CA
It's important to know when company representatives are doing a good job, and this is one of those times. I recently joined The Northern California Connection, a realtor collective who chose PropertyMinder for its website design and management. When asked to update our website, I contacted PropertyMinder and was directed to JIMMY NGUYEN, who worked with us initially to customize our site. Within just a few phone conversations, Jimmy helped me customize our data, adjust our design and resolve niggling issues, all with patience, humor and professionalism. Jimmy's "can-do" attitude - and his quick training to help me do work on my own in the future - made me understand why NCC chose PropertyMinder for its web presence. Thank you, Jimmy, for excellent customer service!
LaRonica R Fisher, Tracy, CA
Happy Friday! Yes, the home evaluation request came from Sellers corner. The seller bought the house from me when I listed my grandparents' house four years ago. I had his email address and added him to sellers corner. The next morning I saw the evaluation request. I also added two buyers to listing alerts yesterday and I am meeting with both next week!
Peggy James, Woodbridge VA
This has been a huge wake up call. This is the way to capture your sellers, the ones who are just sitting there. Not everyone has an assistant. We are so busy, and sellers are the ones who drop off. I’ve known that I have to get back into my database. As a real estate agent- I know we fall behind. This will help agents because they will know that they have to start paying attention to their database. This is another pillar of business they have not been looking at. Once you sell a home, those sellers are gone. Inventory is low- this is also a problem for agents. So dig into your database! This tool makes you do this. I love Seller’s Corner!
Joe Piazza, Alain Pinel Realtors
I’m actively working with two to three thousand people on a regular basis because of PropertyMinder. I am at open houses. I listen to what a person’s needs are and I am able to pull up a meaningful search right there. I have a system working for me 24/7. I keep them informed automatically. It frees me up and my clients feel that I have their back! My business continues to grow 12%-14% every year.
Jonathan Fleming, Oakland CA
I've used PropertyMinder to sell real estate in the Bay Area for over 5 years now. The service has only gotten better. I have been able to decrease web design costs, create multifaceted web pages that are niche oriented, and greatly increase my closed sales. I maximize my web presence by using [PropertyMinder’s] lead capture forms [and] SEO tools. Great service and value for your money!
Tim Montoya, Abingdon MD
I am already using it [Seller's Corner] and it’s awesome! I set up some contacts just 45 minutes ago and I already got a response from people wanting some of my business cards so that they can pass them to a neighbor who looking to sell.
Paula Mckinney, Newport Beach CA
In my 14 years as a real estate agent and after countless educational and product seminars, you are by far the most articulate, educated, and convincing teachers. You also have uncanny, intrinsic knowledge of real estate sales. PropertyMinder’s tools are the path to selling homes especially if you have a huge client base.
Michele Munda, Burlingame CA
Your support staff has been very helpful. They are always dependable when it comes to teaching the system to me. Scott was wonderful in explaining the tools when my colleagues and I were researching PropertyMinder. He did a great job in staying in touch with us, as well. He has been very open to our ideas and suggestions. Thank you!
Dale Thies & Sheila Wilson, Carmel CA
... as evidenced by a recent client testimonial: "When I decided to sell my home in Pacific Grove the first hurdle I had to overcome was to find the proper real estate agent. TV ads and offers in the mail advertised many experts to choose from, but how was I to choose? The Internet solved my problem. Curious as what it would sell for; the Internet connected me with the Mitchell Group. One thing led to another and the Dame of Fortune smiled on me by bringing Sheila Wilson and Dale Thies to my door. They quickly achieved the house's sale, with a minimum effort on my part, and they made the whole process painless for me. For anyone buying or selling real estate property, I can't imagine any agents that would better serve them than Dale and Sheila." ~ W. Clark I would recommend Property Minder to anyone who is considering a real estate website.